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The perfect intro for those wishing to enter into the world of lashes. One single extension is applied to every single natural eyelash. They can be styled in a 'doll eye' or 'cat eye' fashion and can be super natural to mimic your natural lashes with mascara on; or they can be extended longer to further enhance.


Natural Russian

For those wanting fullness but keeping it soft and natural - these are for you! We apply a single hand made fan onto every single natural lash. These can be styled in a 'doll eye' or 'cat eye' fashion and can be super natural as they have a softer 'fluffier' appearance. Length and thickness can be increased by having fuller/longer fans if you wish to do so.



These are the perfect combo! A 50/50 mix of Classics and Russians. Soft Fluffy fans with the added depth and texture of classic lashes. 'Doll eye' and 'cat eye' styles are very popular as well as 'spikey' hybrids where the classic lashes are extended in length to create a spike. Length and thickness can be customised to create your desired look.


Full Volume Russian

If you want statement lashes, you wont get fuller then these! Extra thick fluffy fans are placed on each individual natural eyelash to create an extremely full look. We may note that even our most dramatic lashes are never overdone, and we will only place on your natural lash the length and thickness that it is strong enough to hold.


Max Hybrid

Everything a hybrid has - but BIGGER. It is the same 50/50 mix of Classics and Russians, except this time its with thicker Classic lashes and larger Russian fans to create a bolder statement look.

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